Meet The Dogs

Flynn - Collie. 8yrs old. Loves Flyball. Very grumpy old man, but enjoys a cuddle with his mummy.

Floss- Collie 4 yrs old. Can't see the point in Flyball but loves coming anyway. Very social dog and will cuddle anyone.

Snap - Jack Russell Terrier, 2 years old, training for 4 months, loves to have fun and run with the big dogs but hoping to compete.

Poppy - Lab x Cocker, 15 months, training for 2 months, in it for fun and socialising but hoping to compete.

Travis- Border Terrier, 6 years old, just started training and he learning how to let go of the ball.

Lexi- Pug, 2 years old, just started training, she wants everyone to know that the little dogs can keep up with the big dogs.

Jago- Collie x , 5 years old, training for 4 months, he loves training and would love to compete.

Bruce- Huntaway collie x Border terrier, 7 months old, in it for fun and fitness and hing to compete when he is older.

Rosie- Yorkshire Terrier, 9 years old, just started training, she loves the tennis ball and just seeing how she goes with flyball as she competes for fun doing agility.

Zues - started Flyball Dec 17 at 3 yrs old. He loves attention and snuggling up with his brother Suki. He can be a stubborn dog but enjoys learning. He isn't a great lover of balls but has been learning about Flyball with treats. 

Isis - 3 year old sheltie. She's been doing flyball for a couple of years and absolutely loves it. She competes in agility (grade 1) and is hoping to compete in flyball!!!

Buzz - Springer Spaniel, aged 4. He enjoys the mental stimulation of Flayball. Buzz is a ball thief and loves jumping in the water bowls.

Martha - Two year old Whippet. She is full of character and once met never forgotten! Her best friends are two spaniels and she is a little confused as to her breed.

Loki - Golden Lab, aged 3. Loki love's flyball because there are so many tennis balls there. He also enjoys long walks with his big sister Skye and playing rough and tumble with Dobby the cat. 

Jesse - Whippet, aged 3. I joined the Truro Flyball club last October 2016. I like Flyball although I am very fussy about which ball I pick up! I love checking out pockets of the club members for treats.

Jago - Aged 6. He was from a farm on Dartmoor and one of litter of 13.  He has always been ball obsessed but he loves to swim. He is terrified of my cat, Katie!

Ziggy  - 3 years old. He lives in Pool and has been going to Flyball class at Blackwater since 2016. Loves having fun racing with the other dogs. Ziggy is good at collecting rubbish which he then buries when out on walkies.