About Us

What is Flyball?

Flyball is a team game that is, ultimately, played with 4 dogs.

It is a relay race in which each dog in turn tackles an obstacle course of:

> A start post
> 4 jumps
> A 'box' (more on that later)

Then returning over the same four jumps and through the finish post.

During a race all the the dogs of both teams line up in line with the lane they are to use. Lights count down and the first dogs are released with the aim of getting through the start posts as the light go green.

The race down over the four jumps, trigger the 'box' at the end which releases the ball, turn and come back up over the four jumps.

The other dogs are released in turn to pass the previous dog at the start posts until all four dogs have run.

If any dog makes a mistake (misses jumps, drops the ball etc) they have to run again after the last dog.

The first team to get all four dogs back without faults is the winner.


Who are Duchy Dashers?

Duchy Dashers Flyball Club was set up four and half years ago to introduce Flyball into Cornwall. Until then there had been no registered clubs down here and the only way to be able to do Flyball was to find an agility club that was training as a side to their main sport.

Flyball was, and still is a new concept to England, let alone Cornwall, so it has taken many false starts to get going, and faltered completely when the owner had to take some time off when her baby arrived.

However, it is now going strong and has a great following all across Cornwall. We became an official British Flyball Association registered club in January 2015 and have since entered competition.

Duchy Dashers encourages the learning of Flyball to be fun, allows dogs and owners to take things at their own pace and hopes to continue the spread of Flyball through the whole of Cornwall.