Welcome To Duchy Dashers - Flyball In Cornwall

Hello and a massive waggy tail, slobbery welcome to our site. Hopefully this site will encompass all that is Flyball and lead you to think that it is the best sport in the world and that your own dog/s should be doing it.

Of course our opinion may be slightly biased but we at Duchy Dashers believe that the only sport really worth playing is Flyball.

Any dog can do it and we specialise in being the only club to have a dog trainer as our leader and she, of course, is able to persuade even the most taciturn dogs, that flyball is worth letting loose for.

Flyball is a fun way to build a bond with your dog and takes as much or as little training as you want. Come along for the fun of it and you may soon find yourself competing up there with the best.

As well as that we train in several places across the county of Cornwall and pride ourselves in being the first to bring Flyball as an official BFA sport to the poor unsuspecting folk of this beautiful area.


Not sure what Flyball is?

If you are new to flyball, and are not quite sure what it is, then we have explained it as simply as possible for you.  Click below to find out more

>> What Is Flyball?


Where do I go for training?

We run at three locations across Cornwall on a Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, find out more by clicking below:

>> Training Venues